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Online Bingo Player Wins a Whopping $50,000 with Her Very Last Dollar

(ContentDesk) July 7, 2005 -- For Christine P. of Tennessee, July 2nd is certainly a day she'll never forget. She'll always remember it as the day she turned her very last dollar into a whopping $50k while playing bingo online. On this past Saturday, about a month after she joined online bingo site Bingo777.com, Christine deposited $50 to try her luck at both online slots and bingo. Soon enough, however, Christine ran out of money.

Even after spending all of her deposit money, Christine didn't give up. Instead, she converted her comps points into playing money, but this amounted to just one dollar. Even so, she decided to try one last time and used her last comps dollar to play the Bingo777.com Mega Ball game. Good thing she stuck it out and kept playing, because Christine won $50,000 thanks to that last smidgen of cash! Adam Sutherland, Manager of Bingo777.com, said "We're really happy to have given Christine so much bang for her buck, literally! Turning a single dollar into 50,000 isn't exactly the sort of thing you see every day!" "At Bingo777.com, we really try to give our players more for their money, and this is just further evidence of that. A lot of players underestimate the worth of comp points, but Christine's good fortune just goes to show that they really do make a difference, a $50,000 difference, in this case," added Sutherland.