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The Wizard Team Providers of the Profile Wizard Method of Winning Casino Slots are Offering their Online Slot Profiling Information Set for Only $10.00, See How it's Done and Why We are #1

Findout why Algodec / Profile Wizard is the #1 slot profiling method in USA / Canada and 6 other countries that permit land based casino slots as a legal form of gambling and entertainment. As a result of numerous requests, we have decided to offer our online Algodec / Profile Wizard information set at a minimum cost to those who wish to review our system, Please see more at http://www.abcadvice.com Algodec and the Profile Wizard system is currently being used by casino slot player's who hate losing and want to increase every last bit of their winning edge. Now being legally used in over 6 countries with the new addition from Spain and their Nevada slot machine to be online in the early part of May, 2004.Unlike any other slot winning system out there, the Algodec / Profile Wizard system does not require any expenditure of money to test slot machine's, and the motto still is .. You Don't Play .. Until It's Ready To Pay! Most player's who use the system agree that it's has been a money saver in so much as, either you leave the casino with a profit, or you leave the casino with most of the bankroll you started out with, some even say that the Profile Wizard has saved them from financial ruin ...

a far cry from the way they were accustomed to gambling for entertainment or as a money making avenue.We do not promote gambling, what we do promote is the awareness every slot machine player should have before losing it all, and in that respect, the Profile Wizard helps you be a safe winner. Casino's depend on their slot floor operations for their mere existence, hence the reason for thousands of slot machine's versus a few dozen or so of all other games. The slot floor revenue of most large casino's can be as high as 85% ... and that revenue comes from those who have lost. Using the Profile Wizard will help keep your money in your pocket.There is no need to Zig Zag the web, or hope to find a secret winning system, our comprehensive online instruction set takes you through the procedure of profiling land based casino slots, which machine's can be profiled, what not to play and why, to getting the best bang for your dollar which is about 7 wins out of an average of every 10 machine's played, or in other words, for an organized player at a moderately busy medium sized casino, a minimum average profit of about $300 per hour.

For more information, please see; http://www.abcadvice.com The Wizard Team.