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Algodec and the Profile Wizard

The Slot Machine Wizards Are At it Again With the Same Motto, You Don't Play Until it's Ready to Pay By Using Algodec And The Profile Wizard. Now Being Used In Over 6 Countries USA / Canada By Advantage Player's Who Hate Losing.

Increasing your winning edge ...The final details are being worked out for adding a few slots from the country of Spain to our Algodec / Profile Wizard system for increasing one's winning edge on land based casino slots. Throughout the country of Spain, slot machine's of various types can be found in virtually every bar, cafe, their ubiquitous 'Recreativos' and some restaurants.The particular machine in focus is known as the 'Nevada' a replacement some years ago for the 'Baby Fruit' machine. The country of Spain manufacture their own slot machines and since tha fall of Franco, companies such as Cirsa who are the biggest have been doing a booming business, and are the manufactures of several machine's including the Nevada slot.Even though the payback percentage of the Nevada machines is at a very low 89 percent we have managed to profile the machines down to between 90 and 140 spins to hit the jackpot. The only drawback to Spanish Nevada's is that their jackpot tops out at about 400 to 600 Euro's depending on which establishment you play the machine at, recreativos, casino's and bingo halls offer the best payouts.With the low end prize being what it is, the turn around time from jackpot to jackpot at a relatively busy spot is approximately 3 days, but with the great number of machines virtually anywhere you look, the turn around is no more than an hour or so once you start profiling for viable machine's here and there.Unlike North America where you will find a few thousand machine's at one location, the Spanish method would require going from spot to spot and testing the few machine's at each location. This all may seem like a lot of effort to win a few hundred euros, but an ambitious player can easily earn 2 to 3 thousand euros per day or about $2500 to $3500 US, and that's nothing to sneeze at if you already in Spain on an extended vacation or business trip.Across Spain there are over 320,000 machine's excluding the one's at casino's so you won't be hard pressed to find several viable machine's per hour.For the big payouts without a doubt, North America is still the number one slot playing destination for land based casino slots, USA and Canada combined boast over 650,000 active machines spinning away.

Canada may have a slight advantage where keeping the money you win is concerned, as the winnings are not taxable at the casino, you take home what you win, check or cash. The Canadian casino's are also controlledby their provinces respective provincial government, so cranking down the payback percentages is not a common practice.Whether the profiler is for use in Spain, North America, Australia, parts of Europe or the Islands, the Profile Wizard system or advantage method does not alter the outcome of the slot game in anyway, nor is there any manipulation of the machine what-so-ever, it is a legal method which can used to increase one's winning edge, for more information about Algodec and the Profile Wizard system is now being used by player's in over 6 countries, please see; http://www.thewizardteam.com or .. http://www.abcadvice.com or .. the search word in Google is 'ALGODEC 'People Helping People,The Wizard Team.