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Americans Right to Gamble Online: An Editorial

James Lowery discusses the rights of Americans to gamble online. The editorial explains the U.S. government's violation of American civil rights, constitutional rights, the Americans with Disabilities Act and other rights accorded to those living in a free, democratic society. The U.S. Government's recent sensational actions against Americans who operate and/or participate in online gambling are cited.

The editorial includes comments on the U.S. government's current actions mirroring the historical days of the past. Mr. Lowery states, "Its so bizarre, in fact, that it mirrors identically the days of prohibition of alcohol that it makes one wonder if our government has lost its collective memory (…mind)." Pointing out the current U.S. President's admitted alcoholic addiction and recovery from it, Lowery asks, "Do we assume that to gamble online proportionately denies that same saving grace to those who choose such entertainment? Just because one enjoys a glass of wine with dinner or enjoys a hand of poker or even making sports more exciting by placing a bet, does not make one an addict..."The government's use of the 1961 Wire Act as reason to stop the operation of online gambling in the U.S. elicits Lowery's quizzical commentary: "Wasn't Congress at that time addressing the issue commonly known as "The Mob?" I hardly think that a homebound senior citizen desiring to gamble a nickel slot machine online for her own entertainment, in the comfort and safety of her own home, that it can then be deduced that she is the spouse of the ‘Godfather.' "In addressing the rights of the disabled under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Lowery summarizes these rights as "The Law, in a nutshell, simply allows the right to employment, services, programs and activities that non-disabled citizens enjoy."

Mr. Lowery's belief in the freedoms of democracy are summarized in his statement that, "Our government needs to be reminded that we have a right to enjoy it…even the right to gamble online."